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Old town Free tour

Old town Free tour

The old town of Barcelona hides one of the best conserved medieval treasures in Europe

On this tour we will revise more than 2000 years of history starting from the roman city of Barcino through the Middle Ages up to the current city of Barcelona. We will show you the most incredible hidden corners, we will visit cathedrals, markets and squares and you will hear the best stories and the funniest anecdotes.

You will enjoy more than 2 unforgettable hours with the most passionate guides learning the secrets of this lovely city.

During the tour we will visit:


Every day at 11.00 and 15.30 hrs.


2 hours 15 min. aprox

– Santa Eulalia Cathedral
– Roman Aqueduct remains
– Mercat del Born
– Fossar de Les Moreres
– Santa María del Mar
– Roman Wall | Plaça del Rei
– Augustus Temple Columns
– Sant Felip Neri Square
– El Call, Jewish quarter
– Sant Jaume Square
– Sant Miquel Square